Are Kobalt Tools Good? (Quality,Price and Warranty)

Kobalt is a well-known brand of tools that you can find just about anywhere you shop for tools in the US. The company has been respected in the tool community since its inception in 1998, but many potential customers wonder if their products are any good.

Kobalt produces good tools. Though many customers may not consider them exceptional or extraordinary, they get the job done. Kobalt tools are great for basic building, and at-home fit it jobs, but you won’t find many construction companies using their tools.

Are Kobalt Tools Good?
Two Kobalt power tools, charger and a tool bag

Let’s take a closer look at Kobalt tools and see if they’re the right brand for your needs.

Who Is Kobalt’s Target Customer Base?

Kobalt is geared toward homeowners and do-it-yourselfers who are looking to finish small-scale home improvement projects. They don’t market their product to larger construction companies.

To help determine if Kobalt tools are right for you. First, you need to determine who they market toward.

You would be hard-pressed to find major construction companies buying their products.

This is because most of Kobalt’s products aren’t durable enough to handle the constant strain of construction.

That’s why you won’t find them advertising to those companies, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good company worth your consideration.

Most homeowners won’t be putting their Kobalt tools through the same amount of use as a construction company.

So, it’s worth looking at the products that make them right for you.

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to start your own projects, then you’re the ideal Kobalt customer.

Their tools may not be able to withstand the high demand of a construction company, but they’re built well enough to get your home project finished.

Of course, one of the major differences between a homeowner and an established construction company is that the company can afford to spend more money on tools than the average homeowner. Kobalt tools aren’t overly expensive.

So, they’re made for average people looking for tools to start their projects that don’t want to pay top dollar.

What Makes Kobalt Tools Good for Homeowners?

The reasonable price, vast selection, overall quality, and warranties make Kobalt good tools for homeowners. They have almost anything you need when it comes to tools. So, you can buy it all in one place.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose Kobalt tools is because of their price.

They’re not the cheapest brand out there, but their reliable quality and mid-level prices make them stand out among competitors.

It’s comforting to know that you can get reliable tools without needing to spend an insane amount of money.

Kobalt also has a vast selection of tools available for customers.

They have quite an impressive selection of power tools, hand tools, and even air tools.

But that’s certainly not all they have to offer. Kobalt also offers tool storage equipment like chests, cabinets, and toolboxes for your home or your truck bed.

One thing many potential Kobalt customers don’t know is that they also offer outdoor power tools.

They have their own selection of lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and other outdoor equipment, each of these tools is battery powered as well.

So, you never have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of yard work with Kobal tools.

Let’s talk about the quality of Kobalt tools. Above, we discussed that Kobalt products aren’t designed for overuse, and that goes for all of their equipment.

But it’s important to note that Kobalt tools can be used regularly in your home without much concern. For example, Kobalt designed their lawnmowers, anticipating that you’d use them bi-weekly.

So, there shouldn’t be much concern about using their products as you need them because they’re made for home projects. So, don’t be afraid to use them to get things done around your home.

Another factor to consider when buying Kobalt products is that they come with a warranty.

So, use the products as much as you want to and know that they’re covered by warranty if they break or stop working.

The warranty you receive will vary based on the item you buy. More expensive tools will have a longer warranty than other companies do.

But it’s important to remember that non-reputable brands often forgo warranties because they don’t stand behind the quality of their products.

So, the fact that Kobalt offers warranties on their products is indicative of their confidence in the product you’re receiving.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kobalt is a good brand for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers who want to complete reasonable home projects.

They’re not made for the overuse that you can expect from construction companies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good for smaller projects.

So, take a look at their vast selection and reasonable prices before making your decision, but know that their products are protected under warranty.

Cheers, tools owners!

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