Best Cordless Drill For Granite (BONUS: Drill Bits Set)

While it’s very easy to find a cordless drill that can drill through softer materials like wood, drywall, plastic, and others, finding one that can handle concrete and granite is another matter.

These harder surfaces, especially granite, require not only a special type of drill but also certain drill bits, often diamond drill bits (more on those at the end of the article).

Not to worry, when you’re done reading this article you’ll know exactly what are the best drills, and drill accessories, for making holes in granite.

Bear in mind, regular drills can sometimes penetrate the concrete, but they’ll take much longer than hammer drills.

Generally, while they all look very similar, there are three types of drills: impact drivers, regular drills, and hammer drills.

What you need for hard surfaces, such as granite, is a rotary hammer drill. The problem is most rotary hammer drills are quite expensive, and not cordless. The alternative are hammer drills.

These types of drills have a special rotary mechanism that makes a quick up and down motion, which is great for chipping away at hard surfaces. Combine that with a masonry bit and you can quickly drill holes into almost any surface, concrete rebar, granite countertops, and much more.

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Top Cordless Drills for Drilling Holes Into Granite

In short, hammers drills are the best for granite and concrete. The good news is there are plenty of great cordless hammer drills, and I’ll list my favorite models below:

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

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Here is one of the best cordless hammer drills for concrete and granite. I highly recommend this drill for masonry work because it can handle all kinds of hard material.

It’s a battery-powered heavy-duty cordless drill that has a 25,500 max BPM rating and two-speed settings.

It’s also got a keyless ½ inch chuck, so you can easily replace and add masonry bits to it in a matter of seconds.

The bundle includes a V20 Lithium battery and charger, which is rated to last for around 60 minutes of use.

It also comes with an LED light and a battery level indicator on the side.

Overall a very convenient drill that offers great performance.

2. DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo (DCD996B)


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The DEWALT 20V DCD996B is another really great cordless drill. To be clear, this is a combo drill, so it has both drilling and hammer modes, with three-speed settings for each.

As for the features, it has 38,250 max BPM, 820 Units Watts Out, LED light, and a battery fuel check.

One notable feature is the build quality, it’s made from metal and high-quality plastic, so it has a very sturdy feel to it (the chuck is metal too). The downside is it weighs a little more than usual, at 4.4 pounds.

You can choose between the bare tool, the option with a 5.0Ah battery, or a 2 x 6.0Ah battery.

Overall, a very powerful hammer drill that’s perfect for concrete and granite.

3. Makita XPH12R 18V LXT Kit

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The Makita XPH12R is another variable ½ inch drill with hammer and driver modes. The hammer mode has two speeds, 7,500 and 30,000 BPM.

The kit includes one battery (you can choose between 2.0Ah and 5.0Ah), a carry case, and a battery charger.

The drill has a maximum torque of 530 in-lbs, making it perfect for masonry work. With the battery, the total weight is about 4 pounds.

Noteworthy features; an all-metal chuck that holds bits firmly in place and a fast-charging adapter for the batteries. Makita claims their batteries charge 3x faster with 60% more run time than the industry standard.

To summarize, a good option, but it’s worth testing because some customers have complained it gets stuck in hammer mode (luckily for us, that’s what we need).
Check the 5.0Ah version.
Check the 2.0Ah version.

4. Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Hammer Drill Combo& Impact Driver Kit

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Here’s a really nice Milwaukee hammer drill kit, complete with a carrier case, batteries, and a battery charger.

The bundle includes:

  • a hammer drill/driver combo (M18 2602-20)
  • a compact impact driver ( 2650-20)
  • the battery charger
  • contractor bag

What’s great about this kit is you have a little something for every kind of project, a 2-in-1 drill, and an impact driver.

On hammer mode, the drill has a max BPM of 29,000 and 550-in of torque, more than enough for granite.

The casing on both tools is made from metal and high-quality plastic, so you can rest assured that your bits will remain tightly in place.

Overall, the whole feel and build of the tools are compact and durable. You can bet these tools will last for a long time!

While not the most budget-friendly bundle, it’s well worth checking out.

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5. PORTER-CABLE 20V Max Hammer Drill Kit (PCC621LB)

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The Porter-Cable 20V hammer drill kit is perfect for some quick masonry work.

The kit includes:

  • a cordless compact hammer drill (PCC621LB),
  • two batteries
  • a battery charger

For its compact size, this tool packs a punch. It’s another hammer drill hybrid, the drill mode is rated at 1,500 RPM, and the hammer mode at 25,500 BPM with 265-in lbs of torque.

While it doesn’t have the highest BPM and torque on our list, it’s a decent all-in-one set, and when combined with a diamond drill bit (Amazon), it should be able to handle granite with no problem.

How Do I Drill Holes in a Granite Countertop?

Drilling holes in a granite countertop for a sink or faucet is challenging if you don’t have experience.

While not impossible, there’s a risk of hitting a pressure point on the granite slab and cracking it, an expensive mistake.

If you’re comfortable taking the risks, then what you need is a powerful drill (a rotary hammer drill works best, but others can do the trick) with a diamond drill bit. Make sure to make all the appropriate measurements and use safety equipment.

The type of drill you use will significantly decrease the amount of time needed, as granite is a very tough material.

While you can make holes in granite with a regular drill (above 350 RPMS) it will take much longer than with a hammer or rotary hammer drill.

What Drill Bit Do I Need for a Granite Countertop?

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Drilling a hole into granite can be very difficult as it is a very tough stone. If you want to drill easily in your countertop you will need a diamond drill bit.

After doing some research online I found this set from Drilax on Amazon. It has 10 of the most used sizes: from 5/32″ to 1 inch. It can be used on a drill with a maximum shank of 3/8.


Granite is a pretty tough material to work with, so you need to make sure that you are prepared to handle the project. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always call a professional.

Either way, the power tools and bits I mentioned in this article should help you drill in granite with no problem.

The drill bit is the most important, it doesn’t have to necessarily used with a hammer drill, any drill should work fine with one of those diamond bits.

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