What Are Brad Point Drill Bits? What They Are Used For?

Using the correct kind of drill bit for the task you’re doing is vital. You may be wondering how many different drill bits are available, as well as what the difference is between most drill bits. One of the many drill bits available is brad point drill bits, but what exactly are those?

Brad point drill bits have a sharp tip at the end that’s helpful for accuracy when drilling into wood. The tip will help positioning the bit in place before starting the hole. These types of bits can create cleaner holes when drilling but aren’t ideal for enlarging existing holes. Commonly used in furniture making, doweling and other woodworking applications where precision holes are necessary. They are part of a category of drill bits called twist bits.

What Are Brad Point Drill Bits?

In this article, we’ll be going in depth into what exactly brad point drill bits are, the benefits of using them, as well as how you can identify these drill bits. If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, keep on reading.

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What Is a Brad Point Bit?

Brad point drill bits are specially designed to create clean and concise holes in both hard and soft woods. What sets these drill bits apart from other tools is that these bits always deliver straight and even holes no matter what kind of surface you’re working with.

While these types of bits are not ideal for enlarging existing holes, they are perfect for creating clean and accurate holes within your wood.

Since the tip of these bits is so sharp, it’s easier to hit the exact mark you’re aiming towards.

These drills are commonly used in the production of things such as cabinetry, doweling, and furniture making.

Advantages of Brad Point Bits

Now that you have a better understanding of what exactly a brad point bit is below, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of using the brad point drill bit.

Ideal Tools for Working With Wood

As we stated above, brad point bits have small, sharp points on the end of them, as well as spears on the edges of the.

This makes them ideal for working with wood, as they are able to successfully bite into wood when drilling without any problem.

These bits are more commonly used in drill presses, but woodworkers can still use them in handheld drills as well.

Either way, they are a popular choice amongst those working with wood due to the fact that these bits will drill anywhere in your wood, unlike other twist bits.

Creates Cleaner Holes

Certain parts of the wood you may be working with can be hard to penetrate with other drill bits, but it won’t be an issue when using a brad point bit.

Not only do these bits create cleaner and more accurate holes in your wood, but you won’t have to worry about your wood splintering upon impact.

Although these tools are ideal for working with wood, you can use them on almost any material.

They can be successfully used on anything from plastic to thin sheet metal, so no matter what project you’re working on, brad point drill bits can come in handy, as they are very powerful and versatile.

Long Shelf Life

Another advantage this kind of drill carries is the fact that it has a long shelf life since they are able to stay sharp longer than other kinds of drill bits.

Compared to brad point bits, other drill bits aren’t as strong, and therefore, their shelf life is not as long. This puts brad point drill bits at an advantage compared to some of the other tools on the market.

All of these elements combined make it apparent why brad point drill bits are such a strong choice amongst woodworkers.

Disadvantages of Brad Point Drill Bits

It’s important to be mindful of some of the downsides of using a brad point bit before investing in one.

Below we’ll explore some disadvantages of these drill bits that woodworkers should be mindful of beforehand.

Cost More

For starters, these bits can be on the more expensive side. This is due to the extra steps that are taken when manufacturing these products.

While cheaper drill bits tend to be flimsy and unreliable, it’s important to be mindful that durable drill bits are costly.

While some may see the extra cost as a disadvantage, you’re always promised a steady and durable piece of equipment when you invest in these drill bits.

Not Ideal for Enlarging Existing Holes

We previously mentioned this factor earlier in the article, but it’s important to be mindful that these drill bits aren’t ideal for enlarging existing holes.

They are ideal if you’re looking to create new ones in whatever piece of equipment you’re working with, but it’s important to know exactly what these tools are used for before purchasing them and putting them to use.

While this may not necessarily be a disadvantage, it’s something to be aware of, as these drill bits are not multi-purpose bits.

Very Difficult to Sharpen

Although these drill bits come pre-sharpened in their packaging, they can be very difficult to resharpen if they have become dull or if there was already an issue with your drill bit.

If the drill bit you’ve received is sharpened unevenly, it can be quite hard to fix this issue yourself. You may have to visit a professional in order to have them properly sharpen your drill bit and fix any issue you’re having with it.

If your tool is not sharpened properly, it can catch certain parts of the wood you’re working with, and it may end up damaging it. It’s important to be mindful of how your drill bit looks before putting it to use.

While you can always bring your faulty drill bit to a professional, it can be very difficult to try to fix the issue yourself.

Investing in the Proper Brad Point Drill Bit

There are plenty of highly rated, top quality brad point drill bits to choose from that are durable, as well as cost-efficient.

For example, these Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits are a great choice on Amazon for a reason. The spurs on the side of this bit ensure a fast and easy cut of whatever kind of material you’re cutting into.

This product also comes in 12 different size bits, giving you a large array of options in terms of the amount of strength and durability they are after.

Another good option on Amazon is the DEWALT Drill Bit Brad Point Set, and you can’t go wrong with this purchase either. They will help you making precise cutting, as well as clean and effective chip removal.

This product also comes with six different brad point bits, all different sizes, which will come in handy no matter what task you’re looking to complete.


Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what brad point drill bits are, as well as how to properly use them.

In this article, we discussed what exactly brad point drill bits are, as well as the pros and cons of using these tools. We also went over some of the most popular and top-rated brad point bits available on the market.

It’s clear to see that no matter what kind of project you have going on, you can count on these drill bits to deliver.

Cheers, tools owners!

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