Can A Bedroom Have A Sliding Glass Door?

Bedrooms are traditionally private places of retreat and rest, and the doors to these rooms are usually wooden, solid, and offer privacy when closed. Although wood is still the main material used, several homeowners are changing to aluminum and even sliding glass doors.

A bedroom can have a sliding glass door and can be installed as the main entrance, access to a private patio or garden, or an ensuite. The design and use of sliding glass doors can enhance the look of a home while creating easy access and saving space.

Can A Bedroom Have A Sliding Glass Door?

Continue reading this article to find out the pros and cons of having a sliding glass door in a bedroom, and the various positions for sliding glass doors in a bedroom.

Pros and Cons of Having a Sliding Glass Door in a Bedroom

Installing sliding glass doors can enhance the design and beauty of the space, but they can also be expensive.

Knowing the pros and cons of sliding glass doors will clear up having sliding glass doors in a bedroom.


Installing a sliding glass door offers the following advantages:

  • Optimizes space: For individuals with small spaces, sliding glass doors offer an exceptional option for separating rooms. They don’t take up as much floor space as traditional swinging doors. They also don’t need any additional room to open, unlike swing doors that need more floor space to swing back and forth.
  • Provides additional light: Sliding glass doors permit natural light to penetrate them and fill the bedroom, which means that fewer windows are required to fill the bedroom with light. They also provide additional heat during the colder months as they let in the sun’s rays.
  • Saves energy: Allowing light to enter the bedroom via the sliding glass door method reduces the energy consumption from switching lights on, resulting in a reduction in the energy bill.
  • Easier to clean: The glass on the sliding doors just needs basic glass cleaning products and a cloth to be wiped clean. Wooden doors require specialized compounds to be able to achieve comparable results.
  • Moisture resistant: Sliding glass doors are resistant to humidity and moisture. Exposure to moisture won’t result in the door expanding as with wooden doors.
  • Great aesthetics: Sliding glass doors produce a modern and elegant look, as well as make considerably larger entranceways.
  • Easy operation: Sliding glass doors are easy to operate, as they simply slide back and forth with a gentle pull of the door. Individuals with physical disabilities could operate a sliding glass door easier than a traditional one, particularly those that are wheelchair-bound.


Sliding glass doors may have a lot of advantages.

However, there are downsides to it as well, such as:

  • High cost: Other door options when compared to sliding glass doors are much more economical. Sliding glass doors are not normally shown in the initial house plan and are typically installed later due to their price.
  • Fragile: Glass is a very fragile material. Sliding glass doors are fragile and therefore less durable than other doors. They should be handled with care, especially when moving them around.
  • Security concerns: Due to the location of the bedroom sliding glass door, security can become a major issue. Bedroom sliding glass doors that are installed as an opening to the back of the house are security risks, as they can be broken in easily without someone seeing the perpetrator. Also, the locks aren’t as durable as traditional doors rendering the sliding glass door vulnerable.
  • Noise filtration: Traditional doors are typically thicker than sliding glass doors. Therefore, issues with noise penetrating the room can result in a lack of rest.
  • Maintenance: Sliding glass doors require greater maintenance when compared to traditional doors. The sliding mechanism for opening and closing needs dust, dirt, and lint removed often, so the doors won’t lock in place. Special lubricants may also be required to keep the sliding system operational.
  • Cleaning: Although they’re easy to clean, they need frequent cleaning. Especially for homeowners with children and/or pets, constant cleaning might be needed to get rid of fingerprints, nose marks, pet hair, and smudges.
  • Limits privacy: Sliding glass doors with plain glass provide issues with privacy, as they’re transparent. Curtains are required to attain maximum privacy, which adds to the cost of the doors.

Positions in a Bedroom for Sliding Glass Doors

The placement of the sliding glass door in a bedroom enhances the space, ultimately determining whether the space is a failure or a success.

Each position has its benefits, including allowing extra natural light into the space.

Here are some of the position benefits:

  • Bedroom to outdoors: Opening to the back of the house unto a garden, beach, or woody areas provides a panoramic view of the scenery. It will also take up less space and offer direct access to the outdoors.
  • Bedroom to the bathroom: Typically frosted or tinted, sliding glass doors that act as partitions between a bedroom and a bathroom, provide privacy, but also increase the amount of natural light that infiltrates the bathroom. They also increase the amount of space in the bedroom and or bathroom.
  • Bedroom to living spaces: Homeowners with bedrooms that suffer from a lack of natural light can have this issue rectified by installing sliding glass doors between the bedroom and living spaces. The light emanating from the living spaces flows directly into the bedroom, filling the room with natural light.

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Take Away

A bedroom can have a sliding glass door, as they’re fantastic options when seeking a less traditional style for your bedroom.

They reduce energy bills, increase natural light, and save on floor space.

However, the sliding glass doors come at a higher price and extra maintenance.

The position of the sliding glass door determines if you need curtains or use translucent glass as a partition for the bathroom or main entrance to the bedroom, orr if the glass should be double-paned for security if the sliding glass door functions as the barrier between the bedroom and the outside.

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