Can You Mix And Match Toilet Bowls And Tanks?

Toilet bowls and tanks are easily replaced, and it is possible to only replace one part or the other. So is it possible to mix and match tanks and bowls?

You cannot mix and match toilet bowls and tanks because they often come in different sizes and are manufactured differently. If you are looking for a replacement part, look at check the brand, serial number, dimensions, and type of your current toilet to ensure a proper fit for a new part.

Can You Mix And Match Toilet Bowls And Tanks?

This article will detail why you cannot mix and match toilet bowls and tanks. It will also give tips on finding a replacement part to ensure a perfect fit.

Why You Can’t Mix and Match Toilet Bowls and Tanks

Toilet bowls and tanks are not interchangeable.

Toilet bowls and tanks come in different sizes and often use differently sized bolts, making them hard to mix and match.

Therefore, if you are looking to replace either your toilet bowl or tank, you’ll need to make sure that you find one that matches your current toilet so that it fits and functions properly.

How To Find Replacement Toilet Bowls and Tanks

Finding a good match for your toilet can be tricky.  Here are a few best practices to follow if you need a new toilet bowl or tank:

1. Stick to the Same Brand

Toilet manufacturers often use processes specific to them to build their toilets.

This can lead to different internals, bolt-hole matchups, and other slight differences, causing them to be incompatible with other brands.

Therefore, if you are looking for replacement parts, it is best to stick to the same brand to ensure a better fit.

The brand name will likely be behind the seat, on the side, or on the toilet’s lid.

2. Check the Serial Number on Your Toilet

In addition to a brand logo, toilets have serial numbers.

You can find these under the lid or on the inside wall of the tank.

The serial numbers can help you find an exact match for your toilet.

Just let the salesperson know what your current toilet’s serial number is, and they’ll be able to guide you to the replacement part options that will suit it.

3. Measure Your Toilet

The main difference between brands and types of toilets is the size.

If you are having trouble determining your brand or serial number, or if that toilet is no longer manufactured, it is a good idea to measure your toilet before purchasing a new part to ensure you get the same size.

4. Confirm Your Bolt Sizes

Tanks and bowls aren’t the only parts to match up – toilet bolts can also come in various sizes.

To ensure that you’re buying the correct bolt size, it is best to bring your old ones with you to the hardware store.

This will allow you to compare your old bolts to the new ones before purchasing or ask a professional for help while at the store.

Different Types of Toilets

When replacing a toilet bowl or tank, you’ll also need to be aware of your toilet type.

It is best to stick with a tank or bowl that is compatible with the same kind of toilet you currently have when looking for replacement parts.

There are three main types of toilets that are common in American homes:

1. Gravity Toilets

Gravity toilets are the most simple concept and are the most common.

If you are replacing a toilet in your home, chances are this is the type of toilet that you have.

These types of toilets use the force of gravity to move the water from the bowl into the sewage.

They also have fewer parts than other toilet types, making them easier to maintain and repair.

2. Dual Flush Toilets

Another type of toilet is a dual flush system.

This toilet uses different amounts of water depending on the type of waste in the bowl.

The tank has a two-button system on the top instead of a lever on the side and allows the user to choose how much water they need to clear out the bowl.

While these toilets are great for water efficiency, they have more parts and are often more expensive than the gravity toilet.

3. Pressure Assisted Toilets

Pressure-assisted toilets are somewhat similar to gravity toilets but use a pressure-based mechanism to push water from the bowl into the sewage.

These toilets pack a powerful flush and are great for large houses.

However, they are noisy and have specific parts you must pay attention to during a replacement.


It is possible to replace either your toilet bowl or your toilet tank – however, these parts are not interchangeable.

You must be careful to ensure a proper match between the two when looking for a replacement.

When looking for a new toilet bowl or tank, be sure to check the following:

  • Brand
  • Serial Number
  • Toilet size
  • Bolt size

Keeping these different factors in mind will ensure a proper fit and have your newly repaired toilet functioning in no time!

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