Can You Put a Carpet in the Dryer? (Read This First!)

Carpets and rugs help to enhance the aesthetic of any living space. In addition to making the space look beautiful, they are very comfortable. However, carpets can look messy when they are dirty. Keeping them clean is the ultimate way to maintain their beauty and functionality. While there are many ways to dry a carpet, many people have been asking if they can put a carpet in the dryer.

Some carpets are machine washable and dryable, while others are not. Check the care tag of your carpet to know if it is safe to put it in a dryer. There are different types of carpets on the market, and they are made with different materials. Whether or not you can put your carpet in a dryer depends on the type of carpet.

Can You Put A Carpet In The Dryer?

In this article, I will explain how to read carpet tags and answer your queries about drying your carpet through different methods. Keep reading to know more about cleaning your carpet.

How Do You Read Carpet Labels?

Carpet Care Tag

The first step to cleaning your carpet is decoding the care tag.

Many carpets have their care tags attached to their underside, and it contains vital information about how to clean and care for the carpet.

A tub filled with water and a square means that the carpet is machine washable and dryable.

However, if any of these symbols are crossed with “X,” it means you cannot wash or dry the carpet with a machine.

Some brands use different symbols for different meanings. For instance, if you see “W,” it means you can clean the carpet with water-based cleaners like detergent.

If you see an “S,” it means that the best cleaning agents for the carpet are dry cleaning solvents.

However, if you see a “WS” code, it means you can use both cleaning methods for the carpet.

In general, you can put a carpet in a dryer if you cannot air-dry it.

Make sure you do not leave it in the dry for more than 20 minutes, as high heat can damage the carpet fibers and rubber backing.

You should always use low heat to avoid any damage.

Once the carpet dries, take it out of the dryer to prevent wrinkling.

Ways to Dry Your Carpet after Cleaning

There are two aspects to cleaning a carpet; one is the actual cleaning process, while the other is how you dry the carpet after cleaning it.

While you can put a carpet in a dryer after washing, you might not get your desired result if you do not know how to go about it.

However, there are a couple of other ways you can dry your carpet without putting it in the dryer.

Here are some ways you can dry your carpet without using a dryer:

1. Create Good Airflow

One of the best ways to dry your carpet after cleaning it is to create a good airflow in the direction of the carpet. If the carpet is in a room, you want to ensure the room is ventilated and has good airflow.

Open the room’s windows and allow fresh air to do the drying job for you.

Some carpets develop a damp and musty smell in closed rooms.

Creating a good airflow in the room will help you avoid these damp, musty smells in your carpet.

If two windows face each other in the room, open one a bit and open the other fully.

That would create a very strong crosswind to help dry your carpet faster.

Nevertheless, while this method is good, it does not work in all seasons.

This approach might not be effective during cloudy and rainy days, as it would take a very long time for the carpet to dry.

Such weather conditions might even make the environment humid.

If it is cloudy or rainy, close your windows and try another drying method.

2. Use a Hair Dryer

Do you know you can blow-dry your wet carpet with a hairdryer? Hair dryers do more than just dry hair; they come in handy for other tasks around the home.

You can use your hair dryer to dry your carpet. However, you want to ensure the hair dryer is not overheated to avoid damaging the carpet.

Use low heat to dry the carpet so that the rubber back will not wrinkle. You should also avoid taking the dryer too close to the carpet to avoid concentrating the heat in just one spot.

3. Use a Dehumidifier or Fan

Fans are another very useful tool for drying a wet carpet. If you have a ceiling fan, you can place your carpet directly under it.

That method works very efficiently, especially when the fan is at high speed. Standing fans or dehumidifiers can also work.

You can hang the carpet directly opposite the fan and increase the fan’s speed to the highest.

This method comes in handy when the weather outdoors is unfriendly and inappropriate to dry carpets. The fan will blow dry air directly to the carpet, making it dry quickly.

Since fans circulate air, this method will help you avoid moist and damp smells. Nevertheless, ceiling fans are more efficient at drying carpets than standing or desk fans.

Some people also use air conditioners, but this should be your last resort.

Air conditioners are not as effective as fans when drying carpets, as they cannot circulate air as much. However, the AC unit can be beneficial during rainy days and when a fan is unavailable.

What size of carpet can I put in a dryer?

Avoid putting large carpets into a dryer. Putting a large carpet in a dryer would likely shrink the carpet and reduce its durability.

If you do not want your carpet to lose its shape, do not put or force it into a small dryer.

Can I put my carpet in a dryer if it is machine washable?

Some carpets are both machine washable and dryable.

Check the care tag of your carpet to know if you can wash and dry it with a machine.

Some carpets are machine washable but not dryable.

Hence, you should pay attention to the care tag on the product before drying it with a machine.

Is it healthy to put a carpet in a dryer?

It is not healthy to put a carpet in a dryer.

When you put a carpet in a dryer, the heat will release the toxins in the carpet, which are unhealthy for you and your family to be breathing.

What is the best way to dry a carpet?

It is always best to air dry your carpets and rugs to preserve their color and shape and improve their lifespan.

Exposing them to direct sunlight is not good, as it could fade their colors and cause them to lose their shape.

Hence, if you want your carpet to last for a long time while retaining its shape and color, you should air-dry it.

In situations where you cannot air dry it, you can use any of the alternative methods stated in this article.

Can I make my carpet dry faster?

You can make your carpet dry faster by using high-powered fans.

You can use either a ceiling or a standing fan, but ceiling fans are more efficient.

However, you should turn to this option when outdoor drying is not an option.


In a nutshell, you can put a carpet in a dryer. However, you should ensure the carpet is dryer-safe.

Even if it is dryer-safe, avoid leaving it in the dryer for too long (20 minutes max).

Furthermore, avoid putting a large carpet in a dryer if you do not want it to wrinkle.

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