How Much Does A Circular Saw Cost?

A circular saw can be a great addition to your tool kit. You can make a variety of cuts with it for any DIY project. Not to mention company project if you are needing to stock up on equipment for your business. If you are a budget person, it can be vital to know how much you should spend on a circular saw before searching online or in-store.

Circular saws can range from $50-$200 depending on the model and make of the saw. The cost can vary based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Brand
  • Durability
  • Power
  • Size

You will want to assess what kind of saw you are able to afford, as well as what saw will get the job done. You can also base your decision on how often you plan on using the saw. You can probably get a cheaper saw if you only plan to use it once or twice a year or spend the extra cash if you think you’ll be using it a lot.

How Much Does A Circular Saw Cost?

These are just a few of the reasons why the cost of a circular saw can vary. But never fear, because there is a reason behind it. There are also ways to save yourself money when buying a circular saw. Some of these reasons may matter a great deal to you, or you may want to go with a cheaper option rather than dishing out the extra cash.

What Are the Factors That Can Influence the Price?

A circular saw can cost between $50-$200. Depending on your budget for the tool, you may want to go either cheaper or pricier. There are factors that can affect the price, such as brand or size.

You will want to consider them when buying your own circular saw. They may save you some extra cash if you find that you don’t need a larger saw or a powerful one.

Another factor that adds to cost is the brand of saw that you buy. A brand like Porter-Cable is on the cheaper end of circular saws for the occasional craft job.

While a Makita circular saw is pricier, but you are also paying for the quality of the brand. Some brands also produce quality saws that people know will do a good job, so they are worth the price tag.

Next, circular saws can also range in price depending on the power of the circular saw. Circular saws can cut through wood, and tougher ones can cut through metal.

If you need to cut through a variety of materials, then paying more for a powerful saw is worth it. It is also worth the price if you will use the saw often.

Lastly, the size of the circular saw can also affect the price. Circular saws are measured in inches, and larger saws will naturally cost more than smaller ones.

Larger saws are good for larger cuts, while smaller saws can be appropriate if you are working with thinner materials. A smaller saw is also easier to store compared to larger saws, so limited space may also affect what saw you buy.

Where Should I Buy A Circular Saw?

Here are some ways to buy a circular saw and where to look for them before you buy:

1. Check Various Sellers and Stores

  • If you only look at one store’s prices, you may miss a better deal at a different place.
  • Various places may hold sales for circular saws every so often to clear our inventory, especially during holiday weekends. So check back often!

2. You Can Always Return A Saw

  • If you are not happy with a circular saw, you can return it for another type or refund.

3. Trust Word-Of-Mouth

  • Brush up on reviews of the circular saw before purchasing to hear real people’s descriptions of how it works.
  • A review can save you the headache of buying a poor saw or how to handle the saw if it doesn’t work right on the first try.

4. Go for Cheap First

  • If you need a circular saw, whether, for a project or to help out someone, you can always buy a cheaper one.
  • The cheaper models function well and can complete simple projects until you can afford a pricier option.

What Other Ways Can I Cut Costs With A Circular Saw?

First and foremost, you don’t have to buy a circular saw straight from the store. You also don’t need the most expensive saw on the market, unless you want to pay a bit extra.

Here are some more tips to help you save money on a circular saw:

1. Buy During the Holidays Sales

Most companies know that people will be shopping more during the holidays, so they often offer deals and specials to get them into the store.

Shop during one of these times to get a better deal on a circular saw.

2. Buy A Used Circular Saw

Many people are often selling the tools that they used once or twice. You could get a good deal on one that is practically brand new.

You can also join the used tool market to get used tools from others who no longer need it. You may be able to find a circular saw there for much cheaper than at the store.

Another option is to buy refurbished tools. Refurbished tools are factory-reconditioned and they look and have the same performance as the new ones but for a way better price.

3. Borrow One From A Neighbor

If you only need the circular saw for one or two projects, but won’t use it again, you are better off borrowing it from a handy neighbor or family member. Spend the cash on a thank-you gift for them instead.

4. Figure Out If You Need The Saw

You may not need the circular saw for the project you are working on.

You may be able to use a tool in your toolkit already. Be sure that you need the saw before spending the money on an unnecessary tool.

Do I Really Need A Circular Saw?

Since circular saws can be more expensive than traditional ones, so you want to consider if you need it.

Think about the costs, reasons why you want to get a circular saw, and what kind of budget you want to work with.

Thinking of these ahead of time will help lessen the buying stress when you go out shopping for one.

One factor to think about is storage space. If you do not have a lot of storage space for tools, then you can either buy a smaller circular saw or opt to use another tool you already own.

While the circular saw may be useful for your project, you also don’t want it to take up the necessary space in your house. If you have a wide space to store the saw, then go ahead and get it.

Another factor is the project you are working on. If you will be cutting through various materials like wood or metal, you can use it.

Or if you want more of a curved cut, a circular saw can help do that easily compared to other saws. The power saw can make cutting an easier endeavor, so it is also useful if you will be cutting multiple pieces of materials.

Lastly, consider if the purchase is a want or a need. If you want a circular saw but don’t need it for your project, then you can consider passing on the offer.

If you have the money and time to invest in purchasing it, then go for it. You’ll have a good tool to add to your collection afterward.


Whether you just need a circular saw for the occasional weekend project or are starting to build your own furniture, they are a handy tool to have around. The price varies depending on the quality, time of year, brand, and how many accessories it comes with.

But, now that you understand how to save a few dollars when getting one, you should be all set to budget and buy a circular saw!

I hope this article was useful. Good luck with your future projects!

Cheers, tools owners!

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