How Much Does A Circular Saw Weight?

Some power tools are lighter than others, but users always want to be able to handle the weight precisely. A circular saw’s weight depends on its design type, power source, and quality of the product.

Sidewinder circular saws weigh up to 11 pounds. The more durable and expensive worm-drive circular saws weigh up to 16 pounds. The premium worm drives weigh the most in due to their durable frame and components.

How Much Does A Circular Saw Weight?

Some examples in the table below:

ModelSaw TypeWeight
SKIL 5280-01Sidewinder8.7 lbs
Dewalt DWE575SBSidewinder8.8 lbs
Makita 5007MGASidewinder10.6 lbs
SKILSAW SPT77WML-01Worm-drive11.6 lbs
Bosch CSW41Worm-drive13.2 lbs
Makita 5377MGWorm-drive13.2 lbs

Power tools like the circular saw revolutionized the construction industry. Construction is a physically demanding profession, but because of frequent innovations, today’s workers use more powerful lighter tools. The circular saw has been part of the industry since the early 19th century, but today’s saws are tougher and more efficient.

In the last twenty years, circular saws have become lighter and more compact. With the introduction of lithium batteries, the tools can operate longer and require less charging time.

However, battery-powered circular saws are not as powerful as corded models. When you shop for saws, you have to examine whether weight, power, efficiency, or portability are more relevant to your work.

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How Much Does a Sidewinder Circular Saw Weigh?

Sidewinder circular saws range in weight from 8 to 11 pounds. However, if you include mini-circular saws or trim saws in the same group, the lighter saws weigh 4 to 7 pounds.

The sidewinder design is the most common type of circular saw and is a standard tool for every construction site. The machine gets its name (sidewinder) from the position of the blade in relation to the motor.

The motor is mounted beside the blade and allows the user to have a clear view of the cutting action. A sidewinder produces high RPMs but has low torque.

It’s ideal for home construction and wood-framed commercial projects but is not suited for concrete or dense, wet wood.

Sidewinders are inexpensive circular saws that range in price from $50 to $360. The following is a list of recommended lightweight sidewinders.

  • SKIL 5280-01 Sidewinder
  • Dewalt DWE575SB Sidewinder
  • Makita 5007MGA Sidewinder

SKIL 5280-01 (8.7 lbs)

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The SKIL 5280-01 is a powerful tool for the money. The 15-amp motor produces 5,300 RPM and quickly cuts through lumber with a 7 ¼ inch blade.

Although it can be used on a construction site, the 5280 was intended for DIY enthusiasts who work on projects centered around the home and yard. It also benefits amateurs who are inexperienced with circular saws.

The saw includes a single beam laser that projects ahead of the saw and displays the cutting line. For those of you who dislike following a pencil-drawn line with the blade, the laser beam is the perfect solution.

The saw features a helpful dust blower that keeps your view of the cut unobstructed and has a bevel cut capacity of 51° for a broad range of cuts.

Skil made the blade changing process even more comfortable with a spindle lock and on-tool wrench.

However, one of the saws most significant advantages is its weight. The saw weighs only 8.7 pounds. The lightweight saw allows you to cut all day without wearing out your arms.

Dewalt DWE575SB (8.8 lbs)

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Dewalt DWE575SB weighs 8.8 pounds. It has a 15-amp motor that produces 5,100 RPM and includes an integrated dust blower. Although its blades do not spin as fast as the SKIL, the Dewalt has higher torque and can tackle larger projects.

The Dewalt is a workhorse that is capable of cutting during a long day at a construction site and completing home projects with ease. However, this premium sidewinder is intended for experienced carpenters rather than amateurs.

One feature that is unique to Dewalt is its ToughCord system. The company claims that the saw offers three times the resistance to cord pullouts compared to other models.


Makita 5007MGA (10.6 lbs)

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At 10.6 pounds, the Makita 5007MGA is a little heavier than the SKIL or Dewalt, but it is also more robust and durable.

The 15-amp motor spins at 5,800 RPM and has a large cutting capacity.

Rather than using aluminum, Makita designed the 5007 with magnesium components for added durability. The Makita is a serious tool for professional carpenters and is not intended for beginners.

Framing, cutting, and ripping projects are simple with the Makita, but it is a little pricey when compared to the other brands. As long as you operate and store the saw correctly, it can last a lifetime.

How Much Does a Worm-Drive Circular Saw Weigh?

While the sidewinder is ideal for faster cuts and repetitive projects, the worm-drive saws provide more brute force. The blades of worm drives do not spin as fast as sidewinders, but worm-drives have more torque and can cut through dense lumber and objects that would bind up a sidewinder.

A worm drive’s motor is in line with the blade rather than offset. The design allows a more efficient cutting blade and transfers more energy into the cutting motion.

Although they are more powerful than sidewinders, they’re also more expensive and more massive. The worm drives range in weight from 12 to 16 pounds.

The following list examines the recommended worm-drives in the lightweight category.

  • Bosch CSW41
  • Makita 5377MG

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 (11.6 lbs)

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For a worm drive, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is the lightest in its class at 11.6 pounds. The saw is closer in its weight class to sidewinders rather than other worm drives. Because of their weight, most worm-drives are suited to finish carpenters rather than home builders.

However, the SKILSAW is light enough to lug around a construction site or finishing workshop. Its lightweight design is due to its durable, magnesium construction.

Overhead framing tasks are not a burden with the light saw, and its 15-amp motor provides higher torque for sturdy material and dense lumber. The efficient design keeps the motor cool after several hours of continuous cutting. It’s the ideal combination of high power and portability.


Bosch CSW41 (13.2 lbs)

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The Bosch CSW41 is composed of lightweight magnesium and uses a 15 amp motor that produces 5300 no-load RPM with high torque.

At 13.2 pounds, the Bosch is heavier than the SKILSAW but is lighter than most worm drives.

Its left-side mounted blade allows a right-handed user to view the cutting zone unobstructed. It features an anti-snag lower guard that enables you to cut smaller pieces with accuracy and stability.

Unlike the other saws discussed, the Bosch includes a hanging hook mounted at the top of the saw. The hook is handy when you have limited storage space and can hook the saw to a 2X4 or sawhorse.

Bosch CSW41 is an incredibly powerful saw that is not too cumbersome to use all day.


Makita 5377MG (13.2 lbs)

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The Makita 5377MG is an improvement on the typical worm-drive motor. The saw uses steel hypoid gears that produce more continuous power than worm-drive gears. Like the Bosch, the Makita weighs just 13.2 pounds.

The 15-amp motor is ideal for framing and cutting tasks in all positions. It produces 4,500 RPM and features a new option that is unique to the Makita. The newly designed, oil bath technology keeps the hypoid gears drenched in oil.

The oil containment system reduces the required maintenance and lubricating that is common with other circular saws.

It is the least expensive of the premium lightweight models. Check the price on Amazon (Affiliate link)

Closing Remarks

Although the circular saw is an indispensable part of a construction crew, different types of saws serve separate purposes.

Sidewinders are the high production saws that are capable of quickly cutting lumber for houses and decks.

Because of their high torque and low RPM, Worm-drive saws are suited for finish carpentry, framing, and cutting dense timbers.

Whichever type you choose, select a quality, trusted brand, and you’ll be using your circular saw for several years.

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