How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall Without Drilling

Guitars are awesome – you can play for friends around a campfire or even serenade your significant other. But what happens when it’s time to pack up and put your instrument away? Though they’re great instruments to play, they are also pretty heavy and can be rather cumbersome if you live in a tiny place, which is why many people look into hanging their guitars on the wall instead.

The best way to hang your guitar on the wall without drilling is by using adhesives, double-sided mounting tape, or brick clips. These methods will keep your guitar safe and secure while ensuring it doesn’t take up too much floor space in your home.

How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall Without Drilling

So, if you’re renting your apartment and cannot make permanent changes to the walls – or simply don’t want to drill into your home’s wall – don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to hang a guitar on the wall without drilling. Let’s get into them.

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1. Use Adhesives

One of the most effective methods for attaching objects to walls is by using adhesives.

Adhesives are one of the simplest tools anyone can utilize.

They’re especially handy for attaching guitar mounts to your walls.

Some adhesives are specifically made to stick to walls, wood, and even metal.

Stronger adhesives can handle the weight of an average-sized guitar and wall mount.

They’re also referred to as grab adhesives and are made to produce strong bonding.

To use adhesives to mount your guitar on the wall, you should:

  1. First, clean your wall before applying the adhesive to it. This ensures the adhesives stick to the wall properly without damaging anything.
  2. Once that is done, you can then attach your wall mounts or guitar hangers to the wall. The more adhesive you use, the more secure your guitar will be.

I recommend using UniBond No More Nails Original from This solvent-free mount adhesive is perfect for heavy-duty adhesion for DIY and repair projects and does not require mounting with nails or screws.

It is a strong, instant mount adhesive that is specially designed for interior use, providing strong bonds for mounting.

2. Use Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Double-sided tape is a tape that has adhesive on both sides.

A bonus is that the tape isn’t visible between the wall and the mount, allowing for a neater-looking application than glue.

Industrial strength double-sided tape can support up to 30 pounds (13.61 kg), which is more than enough for a guitar and mount.

Bonding, holding, mounting, splicing, and packing are just a few uses for double-sided mounting tape.

Thick bonded double-sided mounting tapes are better for adhering to irregular, uneven, or highly patterned and textured surfaces.

Thick bonding systems typically have a foam carrier layer and can handle more weight.

How To Use Double-Sided Mounting Tape

  1. Cut the piece you need to use to size and remove it from its backing material. This will keep the exposed side sticky.
  2. Apply the double-sided tape to the wall or guitar mount. You must be precise when applying to the second surface, so the tape isn’t visible.
  3. To ensure that the two materials line up perfectly, press the wall mount firmly against the wall. You might need to push down for a few seconds to get the strongest tape adherence.
  4. You’re now ready to hang up your guitar!

Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting Tape from is a commercial-grade, high-strength indoor or outdoor mounting tape that securely fastens things to practically any surface.

It adheres to both smooth and uneven surfaces, making it ideal for any upcoming DIY wall-hanging project.

3. Use Brick Clips

Brick clips are one of the simplest ways to hang up your guitars if your home has an exposed face-brick wall.

The clips are made to hold onto bricks that protrude beyond the grout.

Drilling directly into brick can compromise the integrity of your wall, so using clips is always a better option.

The designs of brick clips vary, but they all have a saw-toothed top edge and two metal tabs.

These both spring into position against the lip of an adjacent brick, either at the top or bottom.

If you need to hang something heavier than the clips’ maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds (11.34 kg), use two or more hangers.

Not only will your guitars stay in place, but they’ll also look very cool up against your brick wall.

Installing brick clips is very easy:

  1. Simply press the springy portion of the clip on the brick’s base.
  2. After that, raise it up until the clip’s pointed edge latches onto the top of the brick.
  3. Then you can go ahead and attach your guitar wall mount to the clip.

Final Thoughts

Drilling holes into your wall can not only cause unsightly craters but can also cause damage to some wall materials.

If you can’t drill holes due to restrictions (or simply don’t want to), the alternatives mentioned above are all great options for displaying your guitars and creating more floor space in your home.

Cheers, tools owners!

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