Is Contractor Grass Seed Any Good?

Most people are easily attracted to quick and effective methods of establishing and maintaining beautiful lawns, such as the contractor’s grass seed mix. It’s a seed mix consisting of annual rye. It’s primarily used by construction workers or new homeowners who wish to establish a lawn quickly.

Contractor grass seed can be a good option to use on your lawn if you need a quick solution for erosion and mud. It germinates very quickly, has a lovely shade of green, and is very cost-effective. However, it would be better to use other alternatives if it’s not urgent, given its disadvantages.

In the rest of this article, I’ll describe when the contractor’s grass seed mix is a good option and some of its disadvantages and when not to use it. I’ll also discuss some great alternatives to the contractor’s grass seed mix.

Is Contractor Grass Seed Any Good

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Advantages of Contractor’s Grass Seed

1. Helps To Stabilize the Soil

Bare soil is susceptible to erosion.

If this is one of your primary concerns, and you’d like to fix it quickly, the contractor’s grass seed mix is your best option because it can germinate quickly and offer cover to your soil to prevent erosion.

You should also use it if you have bare soil and don’t want it to get muddy.

The contractor’s grass seed mix is ideal if your lawn has undergone erosion and you would like to stabilize the ground quickly.

2. Cost-Effective

The contractor’s grass seed mix is cheaper than most available grass seed options, making it ideal for people on a tight budget.

You won’t have to save up any money to get this mix, so using it is speedier than any other option.

You can get a 25-pound (11.34kg) bag for $50 at most seed stores.

3. Quick Germination

The main advantage that attracts most customers to the seed mix is its short germination period of two weeks.

It also has a lovely shade of green that most people like since it makes the lawn look beautiful.

This advantage makes it a good option for quick correction of bare patches on lawns.

You can overseed using the contractor’s grass seed to increase the grass density and cover your lawn’s bald patches.

4. Easy To Spread

Most of the contractor’s grass seed mixes are easy to spread since they are heavy and do not get blown away by the wind during and even after planting.

So, anyone can use this seed mix, and you can expect dense patches of grass to pop up with minimal effort.

5. Free of Weeds

Most good-quality contractor’s seed mixes are free of weeds and mainly produce high-quality grass.

In addition, the grass types in this seed mix are hearty and fast-growing, which can smother any weeds growing on your lawn.

So, contractor’s grass is an excellent solution if tons of weeds are growing on your property.

Disadvantages of Contractor’s Grass Seed

One of the main disadvantages of contractor’s grass seed is that it contains a lot of annual ryegrass that cannot survive extreme weather conditions.

It, therefore, only provides a temporary lawn.

When used to seed a lawn, it gathers a lot of dead spots during freezing winters and scorching summers and loses its rich green color to become multicolored. It’s also very susceptible to diseases.

Many homeowners complain about their lawns growing weeds, especially crabgrass and wiregrass, which are costly to clear.

The weeds could appear because the seed mixes might have a small percentage of weeds.

However, high-quality blends should not have any weeds in them, so be sure to get a reputable brand if you purchase a contractor’s mix.

When To Use Contractor’s Grass Seed

Is Contractor Grass Seed Any Good

Contractor grass seed mix is an excellent option for you if you’re short of money but would still love to have a beautiful lawn or you’re concerned by bare soil that’s susceptible to erosion and would like a quick solution.

It’s also a great option if you would like to overseed and fill your lawn’s bare spots quickly or would love to have a beautiful yard that is rich green in a short time.

If you decide to go for it and buy the grass seed mix, I highly recommend this Jonathan Green Contractor’s Mixture from

It’s a high-quality seed mix that germinates quickly, is free of weeds, and is an excellent option for controlling erosion and for overseeding.

However, if your situation doesn’t need urgent correction, I advise you to spend more time researching other cultivars that would help you establish a beautiful lawn for an extended period.

Best Alternatives to Contractor’s Grass Seed

Is Contractor Grass Seed Any Good

Other grass seed options include Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia, and Hancock.

Bermuda is great for overseeding even on the contractor’s grass seed mix if you had used it before.

Kentucky bluegrass is also great for overseeding, is heat tolerant, and needs less water than the other types of bluegrass.

Zoysia and Hancock are perennial, affordable, and very high quality. You can also seek help from the seed stores.

It’s costly, but they have high-quality cultivars and accept and advise you on blending the seeds for your area.

Suppose you’ve already used the mix on your lawn and have started noticing that it’s becoming patchy and less green.

In that case, you could carry out overseeding using another type of grass such as fescue, bluegrass, perennial rye, and any other options that are available and appropriate for your area.

Final Thoughts

The contractor’s grass seed mix can be the best option for some people, while others are better off looking into other options.

It helps to stabilize the soil after erosion and prevent erosion and mud on the bare ground quickly.

It germinates quickly, is easy to spread, and is very affordable.

However, its results rarely last for over a season since the lawn is usually left with multiple colors and bare patches afterward.

I recommend that anyone who doesn’t have an urgent situation go for alternatives such as Zoysia, Hancock, and Bermuda.

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