Makita XFD131 18V LXT Review [Key Features & Uses]

The XFD131 is one of the cordless drills that Makita created for home users.

With a compact design, you can use it to drill holes or to drive screws in tight areas.

In this review article, you will learn some things, that I hope to be useful, about Makita XFD131.

Here is a summary of the topics that I will cover in this review article:

So let’s begin.

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What Is Included In The Box?


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  • 1 x Drill body (XFD13Z)
  • 1 x 3.0Ah Battery (BL1830B)
  • 1 x Charger (DC18SD)
  • A tool bag

In the box, you will find the Makita XFD13Z drill body, a 3.0Ah battery, the charger, and a tool bag that can be useful for some people. Personally I prefer hard cases for my tools.

Makita XFD131 18 LXT Pros And Cons
Makita XFD131 18 LXT Pros And Cons

Makita XFD131 Specs

Battery IncludedYES
Charger IncludedYES
Level Built-InNO
Combined Weight (Body+Battery)3.7 lbs (1.6 Kg)
Chuck Size1/2″
Speed Options2
RPM0 – 500 / 0 – 1900
Max Torque440 in.lbs.
Motor TypeBrushless
Battery Voltage18V
Battery Amperage3.0 Ah
Warranty3 Years

What Makita XFD131 Has to Offer

1# Weight

Makita XFD131 weighs only 3.7  lbs. with the battery included. It is lightweight but with a good performance brushless motor that will offer you the power to complete a wide range of applications.

2# Motor

The motor is not just powerful but it can also optimize energy usage. It can save up to 50% run time per battery charge. This brushless motor is electronically controlled. As a result of this, it will have improved speed, power, and increased longevity.

3# Speed Options

It has 2-speed options. It will deliver a 0 – 500 RPM or 0 – 1.900 RPM, and that is good enough for most of the tasks around the house.

You can drill holes with ease in wood or aluminum or you can use it for some more hardcore tasks like drilling into concrete or steel.

4# Chuck Size

The chuck size is 1/2″ and it is keyless like most of the modern drills nowadays.

5# Battery

Makita XFD131 will come with one 18 V Lithium-Ion battery (3.0Ah). With the charger included the battery can be charged in 30 minutes. It is always good to have a second battery so you won’t stop from your work when the battery is depleted.

A nice option is that the battery has a charge status display where you can check the power before starting a project.

Check the section on this article for a list of batteries that you can use on Makita XFD131

#6 Warranty

You get on this drill a 3 Year warranty for the tool and battery.

The Battery And The Charger

This drill comes with one 3.0Ah Li-Ion battery (BL1830B) and a DC18SD charger.

You can charge the included battery in approximately 30 minutes.

I’ve made a small table below where you can see the charging time for other battery sizes that this charger can manage:

Battery Type (18V)Charging Time
1.5Ah Compact Li-Ion20 minutes
2.0Ah Compact Li-Ion25 minutes
3.0Ah Li-Ion30 minutes
4.0Ah Li-Ion40 minutes
5.0Ah Li-Ion45 minutes
6.0Ah Li-Ion55 minutes

Makita XFD131 Battery Compatibility?

If you want you can buy separately one more battery of the same size or you can go even with 6.0Ah ones. I’ve compiled a list below with other Makita batteries that work on this drill:

  • 3.0Ah (BL1830B)
  • 4.0Ah (BL1840B)
  • 5.0Ah (BL1850B)
  • 6.0Ah (BL1860B)

What Accessories Can You Use With This Drill?

There are no drill bits or drivers that do come with this drill. You’ll have to buy them separately.

Bellow, there are some accessories suggestions that will work well with Makita XFD131:

Accessories Sets:

Driver Bits Only:

Questions You May Have About Makita XFD131


What Can You Use This Drill For?

You can use Makita XFD131 on many basic house projects like:

  • Drill holes into wood. For example, if you want to build your own deck or patio.
  • Mix paint, grout, or concrete.
  • Grind metal and remove rust.

Can I Use It To Drill Into Concrete?

Although you can use it to drill holes in concrete it might not be the best tool to use for this task.  It is a strong cordless drill but with the missing hammer drill function, it will be hard for you to drill holes into concrete walls.

Using a normal drill driver on concrete will ruin your drilling bits as they are designed to drill through concrete with a series of impacts.

Does Makita XFD131 come with 2 batteries?

It comes with only one 3.0Ah Li-Ion battery. You can purchase batteries separately. I’ve made a list of some compatible batteries here

Is Makita XFD131 an impact drill?

It is just a very compact and powerful driver drill.

Does it come with a bit holder or other bits accessories?

It does not come with driver bits, drill bits or a bit holder included. You have to buy them separately.

For this see the accessories section in this article.

You can also get any kind of standard drill or driver bit set as long as they can fit in a 1/2″ chuck.

Does this tool come with a hard case?

There is no hard case in the package but you will get a tool bag that will be more than enough for most home users.

In it, you can fit the drill and maybe some extra drill and driver bits.

Do I have to purchase a charger?

This drill comes with a charger and also a battery so you don’t need to buy them separately.

Does Makita XFD131 have a built-in light?

The XFD131 drill comes with a built-in LED light that will be helpful in some situations.

For example, if you need to drill some holes in your crawl space.

Is Makita XFD131 a brushed or brushless drill?

This drill from Makita has a brushless motor that is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy.  

You will get up to 50% longer run time/charge.

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