Can I Use Mortar Mix For Fence Posts? (You Should Read This!)

Whenever it comes to putting up fence posts, you might decide that using the standard concrete mixes just isn’t good enough for your work. Instead, why not use mortar mix? After all, they are the same color, and both eventually harden; so is there any harm in substituting one for the other?

You can’t use mortar mix for fence posts because the material isn’t as solid or durable. Mortar mix is traditionally used as a binding agent for bricks, and may not offer long-term support to fences. On the other hand, concrete is very strong and sturdy, making it more suitable for fence posts.

Can I Use Mortar Mix For Fence Posts?

This article will go over the differences between mortar and concrete, the uses each of them has in builds, and why mortar can’t be used whenever you are putting up a fence.

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What Is The Difference Between Mortar And Concrete Mix?

First, construction workers place mortar between bricks to hold the materials together, and it works similarly to glue.

Mortar is designed to be very thick and is a mixture of water, sand, and cement which helps to keep the bricks and stones together.

Concrete is made of the same materials that mortar is, but it also is filled with gravel and other chippings of stone.

It is a much thinner material that is less glue-like and is instead used to reinforce the structure.

Due to the gravel inside, it is much stronger as well.

The strength of the concrete is able to better hold fence posts as well due to it being able to bond with the ground and become even stronger.

So if you plan to put fence posts in, then concrete is the best option.

There are other materials you can use to make fences as well, and concrete can work with many of them.

Concrete fence posts and mix can be used to secure wood fences, galvanized steel fences, and wrought iron fences without any extra trouble.

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Can You Use Mortar Instead Of Concrete?

Mortar is not a good building material when used on its own.

Whenever you are placing fence posts, there’s nothing for the mortar to stick together, and instead, it just rests against the ground.

When it isn’t holding anything together, it isn’t as strong as concrete is.

Fence posts endure frequent exposure to outdoor elements.

Storms, heavy winds, impacts, water damage, and more can cause your fence posts to move in their foundation and become less secure over time.

This can also make the fence dangerous if it breaks free from the foundation and slams into your house or car.

To make sure you have the perfect material for your fence posts, look at what is available in your area and what other neighbors are using.

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You need to have material that is able to withstand the weather of your area.

Additionally, try to get a measure of the wind speed in your area because the heavier the winds are, the more support your fence posts will need to withstand it!

Having the strongest foundation that you can have for your fence is the best way to make sure that it won’t get uprooted during a strong storm.

For that strong foundation, you need to use concrete.

Can You Add Gravel to a Mortar Mix?

If mortar mix and concrete are made from the same essential components, and the only main difference is gravel, could you add gravel to the mix and use that for your fence posts?

You can add gravel to a mortar mix, and while it won’t be as strong as concrete, it does offer the same benefits. You just need to make sure that you are mixing the proper ratios of cement mix, gravel, and extra sand so that you have a powerful bonding agent.

You also need to give the mixture time to cure.

Using a mortar mix mixed with gravel will work just as well as concrete does.

Also, make sure that you work quickly and have all your fence posts ready to go, as mortar tends to dry a bit quicker than concrete does.

You don’t want to place three posts in and then realize your measurements were off!


Using mortar mix with your fence posts is not advised if you have a choice between concrete and mortar.

Concrete is much more robust, able to fit into the ground, and is the top choice if you have heavier fence posts.

However, if you don’t have access to cement and have a bag of mortar mix sitting in the garage, then you don’t have to worry.

Just make sure that you can mix the mortar with some gravel to give it some extra strength.

Then put up your fence posts and know that they are secured inside the ground!

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