How Much Do Soft Close Drawers Cost? (Detailed Breakdown!)

With a convenient self-closing feature, soft-close drawers offer a better alternative to traditional drawers. Their built-in hydraulics prevent these drawers from slamming shut or bouncing open and allow them to close gently with just a shove. But does these drawers’ handy design justify their cost?

The materials needed for making soft-close drawers will cost roughly $29 to $46. They include a pair of soft-close drawer slides, which cost around $7 to $16. If you choose to have a professional install the slides, expect an additional fee of $25 to $90 per drawer.

How Much Do Soft Close Drawers Cost?

This article will break down the costs of DIY and professional installation of soft-close drawers, compare these drawers with other kinds, and help you decide whether they’re worth the money or not.

Cost Breakdown: DIY vs. Professional Installation

So, should you build and install soft-close drawers yourself? Or seek the help of a professional?

Well, it all boils down to your budget and building know-how.

Below are the estimated prices of the materials, tools, and professional labor for building and installing soft-close drawers.


If you’re planning to make and install soft-close drawers the DIY way, here are the things you’ll have to purchase, along with their estimated prices:

  • Pair of soft-close drawer slides: $7 to $16
  • 1/2″ plywood: Over $20
  • 3/4″ pocket screws: $2 to $10/pack of 100


If you don’t have a complete toolkit in hand, you’ll need to get these tools for building the drawers:

  • Table saw: $119 to $680
  • Band saw: $85 to $400
  • Pocket hole jig: $12 to $160
  • Orbital sander: $20 to $400
  • Drill driver: $20 to $50
  • Tape measure: $6 to $60
  • Push stick: $7 to $13
  • Speed square: $3 to $15

But if you’re only upgrading your existing drawers to soft-close, you’ll only need a pair of soft-close slides for each drawer, compatible screws, a drill driver, and a tape measure, which will all cost around $35 to $136.

You can also read this article if you want to learn more about power tools or this one for hand tools.

Professional Installation

A handyman installing or repairing a drawer.

Not too confident about your DIY skills? You’ll have to let the professionals do the job.

After all, the rework of having poorly installed soft-close drawers will cost more than having them installed by a professional in the first place.

According to, a platform for American home services, the average cost for installing each soft-close drawer is roughly $25 to $40. In a thread on Houzz’s forum, one user reported that their local cabinet maker charged them an extra $90 per drawer–on top of the cost of the drawers themselves.

But what if you need to have a set of drawers built from scratch?

The professional cost to build a cabinet with drawers is roughly $1,060 to over $1,200.

Keep in mind that while this estimate includes the supplies and equipment, the price goes up with every drawer added.

Indeed, the fees for installing soft-close drawers vary greatly, so it’s best to consult a professional builder in your area.

That way, you can have an easier and more accurate way of knowing the exact labor fee.

Comparing Soft-Close Drawers With Other Drawers

As with most purchasing decisions, exploring other options is always a good idea.

That’s why in this section, I’ll explain how the different types of drawer slides work.

1. Assisted Open/Close

Like soft-close drawer slides, assisted open/close slides are designed to prevent the drawers from slamming shut.

What makes these slides different is that they open and close by themselves halfway through the motion.

Each pair cost from $19 to over $60.

2. Hold-In/Hold-Out

Drawers with hold-in/hold-out detents require a certain degree of force to open or close them completely.

This design keeps the drawer open or shut until you apply enough pressure to move it.

Each pair of hold-in/hold-out drawer slides cost over $20.

3. Lock-In/Lock-Out

Lock-in/lock-out slides are often used for drawers in trailers, RVs, tiny houses on wheels, and vehicles.

To unlock drawers with these slides, you have to release their levers, which, when pressed, keep the drawers securely shut.

The price of these slides ranges from $76 to over $250.

4. Push-To-Open

Push-to-open drawers are exactly what they sound like: you’ll have to push them open rather than pull.

Pushing this kind of drawer will disengage its spring and trigger, which then slightly opens the drawer.

A pair of push-to-open slides cost from $10 to over $100.

Are Soft-Close Drawers Worth It?

Soft closed drawers on a bathroom.

When choosing drawer slides, getting the right one entails factoring in your needs and preferences.

But if you compare the prices of different drawer slides, you’ll find that soft-close slides offer the best value for your money.

So yes, soft-close drawers are worth the investment, especially if you want to keep your cabinet protected from getting slammed on and damaged. Because of their self-closing mechanism, they keep your fingers safe from getting caught in a pinch point, making them perfect for homes with children.

If you find the cost of professional installation way beyond your budget, you can always build and install soft-close drawers yourself–as long as you have the right tools and home improvement skills.

I hope this article was useful for you!

Cheers tools owners!

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