What Is The Best Type Of Fence To Put Up?

Fencing not only provides privacy and protection, but it also creates a first impression of your house from the outside. As a homeowner, you must consider several factors to decide which type of fence to put up.

The best fence to put up is one made of vinyl, as this material is aesthetically pleasing, suitable for multiple functions, and requires minimal maintenance. Cedar fences are also popular in backyards. Still, the best fencing for you depends on your budget, purpose, style, and other factors.

What Is The Best Type Of Fence To Put Up?

In this post, I will show you all the factors you need to consider to choose the right type of fence for you and your home and provide different options from which to choose.

How To Choose the Right Fence for Your Needs and Budget

Considering the significant number of fencing options on the market, you may become overwhelmed when faced with so many choices and make the mistake of choosing randomly.

Before making your pick, you should consider a few factors.

1. Purpose of the Fence

The purpose of your fence is a crucial aspect. Ask yourself: what do I want this fence to do?

For instance, you made need a fence:

For most houses, a fence typically has more than one of the above purposes.

Make a mental note of what you need the fence for, and only consider the options that are best suited for it.

2. Location of the Fence

Where you put your fence should also factor into your decision.

Some types of fencing are only suitable for front or back yards, so the location should narrow down your options.

A front yard typically requires a more aesthetically pleasing fence to increase the curb appeal and give your house a “finished” look.

On the other hand, a backyard fence is best when safe and sturdy to create a secure and private area for you and your pets or children.

3. Your Available Budget

Understandably, the budget can be significantly limiting regarding fencing choices, so it should be one of the first factors to consider.

Fences are made from different materials and in varying styles.

While you might want your fence to cost as little as possible, consider how much you are willing to sacrifice other aspects to get the most cost-efficient fence possible.

A common mistake that homeowners make is choosing what seems the cheapest option without considering the repairing and replacing costs.

If the fence needs repairs constantly, it may cost much more than a fence that is more expensive upfront.

4. Property Aesthetics

You likely want your fence to match the style of the rest of your house.

While some materials can be suitable for the budget and purpose you’ve decided on, they may not suit the overall aesthetics of your home.

Ideally, you want your fence to be a useful addition to the curbside appeal, not a detractor.

However, you may be less interested in the aesthetics if you only need to fence your backyard or are on a budget.

Yet, as we will discuss, many options allow you to fence your house on a budget and still provide nice-looking results.

5. Lifespan of the Materials

Typically, homeowners want fences that will last for years before needing to repair or replace them.

Certain fences may fulfill all your other requirements but may have a shorter lifespan than the other options.

You should consider this aspect if you want to avoid spending the time and money to repair them.

Some materials are sturdier than others, and some styles require much more repair work than others.

Try to balance these aspects well while looking for the ideal fence for your house.

6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

In the last couple of decades, sustainability has become a significant issue regarding housing and construction materials.

Some homeowners now consider green certifications and sustainability programs as important aspects that add value to their homes.

Naturally, some materials are more eco-friendly and sustainable than others.

When looking for the best fence for your home, consider the material properties and how they will affect nature.

This can help to contribute to a more sustainable environment and increase the value of your property at the same time.

7 Popular Fence Materials To Consider for Different Uses

Here are some of the most popular fence material options available and their best uses:

1. Cedar

Cedar is one of the most popular fencing choices in the country, and for a good reason; it lasts for a long time, is relatively affordable, and looks good.

Wood fences, in general, are popular because they provide privacy and are stylish enough not to clash with the rest of the house.

They can be installed without professional assistance.

Cedar fences are ideal for backyards since they allow you all the privacy you need.

They might require some maintenance, so ensure you have the time to repair and maintain the fence before choosing it.

2. Redwood

Redwood Fence

Redwood has more or less the same qualities as cedar. It is aesthetically pleasing to many and very resistant to decay and insects.

However, redwood is usually expensive, so it may not be suitable for fencing a large area.

Redwood is recommended for people with a small yard and a large budget to spend on fencing.

Additionally, it might be a potential choice for people who want a rustic look for their yards.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the cheapest options on this list.

It is a good choice for those who don’t want to spend much on their backyard fence, offering protection and privacy at a low cost.

You can buy bamboo panels or even grow the bamboo in clusters around the area you want to fence.

Since bamboo grows extremely quickly, you can have your new fence in a few weeks!

This type of fence is also ideal for those who want an eco-friendly solution for their fence.

Remember that a bamboo fence may require additional care once in a while, so you may need to spend some time maintaining it.

4. Composite

Composite fences are made of wood and plastic, offering the best of both worlds; the fence looks like it is made of wood, but it is very resistant to insects and decay and requires little to no maintenance.

Additionally, composite fences are more sustainable than other options on this list since they are very durable and don’t require replacing for a long time.

However, this type of fence can be costly since it requires professional installation, and composite materials can be more expensive.

Composite fences are ideal for people with a significant budget who want a wood aesthetic without all the hassle of maintaining and repairing wood.

5. Vinyl

What Is The Best Type Of Fence To Put Up?

The white picket fence that most people imagine for suburban areas is most likely a vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences are quite popular since they can be used for different purposes and offer a range of various styles for all tastes.

These fences are incredibly durable and don’t require much maintenance, but they can be a bit more expensive than other types on this list; some vinyl fences may also require professional installation.

Vinyl fences are ideal for people who are not on a budget and don’t want to spend any time maintaining their fences.

6. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences provide a unique look for your house, giving it a more dramatic flair.

Though, these are mainly decorative, so you should only choose them if you are looking for a sturdy fence to keep your pets contained or as a backyard fence to provide privacy.

Furthermore, wrought iron fences are typically handmade by professionals, which often makes them more expensive than other options.

You might consider a wrought-iron fence if you:

  • Have a big budget.
  • Are focused on your house’s aesthetic.
  • Are not concerned about privacy.

Iron is also very resistant and lasts for decades, so it is a good option if you want to avoid potential replacement for a long while.

7. Chain Link

Chain link fences are effective at keeping unwanted visitors out.

The design offers safety, yet not much privacy unless you add panels to the fences.

For an extra measure, you can add barbed wire on top of the fence to keep potential intruders outside.

The main advantage of this type of fence is that it is very inexpensive.

Chain link fences are great for those on a tight budget and who are not concerned about privacy.

While not usually aesthetically pleasing, they are great if you want to keep animals or people outside your property.


When it comes to choosing a fence for your home, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

However, your choice is made easier if you consider the purpose, budget, location, and other factors that affect the fence around your house.

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