Why Are “Snap On” Tools So Expensive? (6 Main Reasons)

Snap-On is a high-end tool manufacturer based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Professional mechanics praise Snap-On wrenches and ratchets for their longevity and quality. However, they are also extremely expensive, which may lead you to wonder why their tools cost so much.

Snap-On tools are expensive because they’re made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Most of their tools are made in the USA, which adds significantly to the labor costs. Moreover, they offer a lifetime warranty on most of their tools with free repairs and replacements.

Why Are "Snap On" Tools So Expensive?

The rest of this article will go over the different factors that affect the cost of Snap-On tools in more detail. I’ll also answer the question of whether these tools are worth their cost.

Why Snap-On Tools Cost So Much

To understand why Snap-On tools are so expensive, you’ll have to understand all the factors that affect the pricing of the final product.

Quality Materials

Finding cheap iron wrenches and screwdrivers is easy. However, if you want high-quality chrome alloy tools, you’ll have to pay for them.

In fact, even the cheapest, no-brand chromium-vanadium spanner will set you back around $8 to $15.

It’s hard to tell what particular steel alloy Snap-On uses for its tools. We only know that it’s heat-treated to a specific hardness level and that it’s a “special blend” with a nickel-chrome plating.

The quality materials speak for themselves. Their tools are super rust-resistant and can last a lifetime.

A Snap-On wrench will never snap in half when loosening a rust-welded pipe or bolt.


The quality materials go hand-in-hand with the great care that Snap-On workers pour into each tool.

Tools are made by pouring molten metal into dies. This has to be done in a clean, controlled area. A small speck of dust or a tiny rock can destroy a whole batch of tools.

Also, if a die isn’t made accurately, the tool will end up with extra bits of metal that can end up in the final product.

You can see this on most low-quality wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers, and it can make tools very challenging to use.

However, you’ll never see this issue on a Snap-On product, thanks to their rigorous quality control standards.

People who work in Snap-On’s manufacturing plants are highly-qualified individuals – this ensures you get the best tools possible, but also means that labor costs are higher.

Made in the USA

Most Snap-On tools are made in U.S. manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, among other places.

However, some products (mostly power tools) are made outside the USA, for example, in China and Canada.

That said, if you grab a Snap-On ratchet or wrench in your local hardware store, it’s probably made in the USA. And with American labor come American wages.

The higher labor costs add a lot to the price you pay for the final product.

However, by making their products in-country, not only is Snap-On supporting the U.S. economy, they’re also able to monitor product quality much better, which is why their tools are so well-regarded.


Snap-On offers a lifetime warranty for all Snap-On and Blue-Point hand tools, aside from torque wrenches. Power tools and meters often have a one-year warranty, but it varies by product.

A lifetime warranty for any wrench or screwdriver you get means your only responsibility is to keep the receipt.

The warranty is one of the main reasons why people love Snap-On as a brand.

However, it also means that the upfront cost is high – it takes into account the replacement costs if and when your tools do break.

Tool Trucks

Snap-On has thousands of tool trucks across the country. They have a regular schedule so that they can visit and bill all their customers.

However, this business style also means that the employee, truck, and gas have to be paid for, which helps increase the final cost of their products.

Brand Recognition

Snap-On is the Apple of tools. They have a reputation and brand to upkeep.

It’s somewhat true that you’re paying for the brand name.

But you know you’re buying high-quality stuff when you see the word Snap-On etched into the handle, and that brand name comes with an added cost.

Are Snap-On Tools Worth It?

Snap-On tools are worth it. They offer a lifetime warranty on their tools, they use high-quality materials that won’t break in the middle of your project, and they’re an investment that lasts. Despite the high sum you pay upfront, Snap-On tools provide great value for your money.

If you’re a professional mechanic, you need excellent, durable, and reliable tools, and Snap-On provides all that.

However, the popularity of Snap-On tools means that you must be careful who you lend your wrench to at your workplace.

Your co-workers may refuse to return the wrench because of how good it is!

Jokes aside, you’ll never have to worry about how effective your toolkit is again.

You can focus on the task at hand, making you more productive.

Final Thoughts

Snap-On tools are expensive for several reasons. They use durable steel alloy that won’t break, their workers are well-trained professionals, and most of their tools are made in the USA.

While it’s true that a good chunk of the high cost is because of the brand name, they do have the quality to stand behind it.

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